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Popular city hotels

Boston, MA

5-Star Hotel with 4.7/5 rating

435 hotels

Average price:

$236 per night

exclude taxes & fees

Los Angeles

5-star hotel with 4.7/5 rating

1790 hotels

Average price:

$581 per night

exclude taxes & fees

New York City

5-star hotel with 4.6/5 rating

703 hotels

Average price:

$262 per night 

exclude taxes & fees

Las Vegas

5-star hotel with 4.7/5 rating

 4,700 hotels

Average price:

$106 per night

excluding taxes & fees

Who we are

Keyoobi is a company which is base in Massachusetts. Our goal in starting this company is to be able to provide cheap booking price comparisons to people all over the world, by putting some of the top booking companies in one place.  We do not process any sorts of payments through our site all payments are process through our third party partners. 

How it work

How to go about placing a booking though our website. Once you place your current location and your destination you then input the amount of guest that would be travel with you, it’ll then take you to another brand website there you’ll confirm all of your information on that website, afterward it’ll take you to a third website where you’ll actually place your booking. 

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